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Mazzini, 43 - Parma Tel. Contattare il sito www. Possono comunque essere effettuate segnalazioni anche relative ad altri settori di competenza della Guardia di Finanza quali, ad esempio, stupefacenti, contraffazione di prodotti o monete e banconote, violazioni doganali, accise e frodi comunitarie.

Chiamando questo numero la telefonata viene indirizzata alla centrale ope. Chiamando questo numero si possono anche inoltrare reclami. Informazioni di dettaglio sul servizio sono riportate a pag. In particolare il turista deve: INC - Roma - www. Therefore, in case of dispute or complaint, it will be necessary to refer to the letter of the law. Nowadays, with a market counting more than nine hundred million people travelling around the world every year, this problem has become more compelling and topical than ever.

This is why the need to create a guide which can clearly inform tourists about their rights in Italy, on how they must behave in given situations and to whom they may refer to in case of default, in order to have their rights asserted, was felt.

The guide is not just a list of the laws that are in force in Italy and most EU countries, regarding the travel documents that are required in order to visit foreign countries or concerning Customs regulations, information on guided tours of museums and the efficiency and adequacy of the means of transportation, or regarding the support which institutions must provide tourists with in terms of safety and health care or in case of accident.

It also concerns the in-depth description of all the legislation which regulates the relationship that is established between tourists, travel agencies and accommodation facilities and which must always be based on correctness and managed with the greatest possible transparency. In terms of artistic, historical and environmental heritage, the Italian system of tourism already offers the best that can be found in the world. Nowadays, however, it is facing the challenge of meeting the different needs and requirements of tourists, who sometimes come from far-away continents and may find it difficult to orient themselves and stay in a country of which they know neither the facilities, nor the traditions or the rules of behaviour.

Likewise, when going abroad, Italian citizens must be aware of their rights and duties towards the Country they have selected as their destination. The purpose of this guide is to satisfy the vast array of needs mentioned above, in order to place tourists in the condition to live their vacation in Italy in the best possible way and, above all, to feel more safeguarded in their rights.

The guide summarizes some of the essential aspects of the legislation in force. The Charter, whose processing required long and complex work, also due to the continuous evolution of the legislation regulating the topic, is the result of the involvement and active cooperation of interested State Administrations, Regions and Autonomous Provinces, Authorities, private businesses organizations and labour unions of the tourism sector and of consumer organizations.

The commitment of all the involved parties, to whom we express our most sincere gratitude for their work, made the implementation of an, up to date and immediately useful, Charter of Rights for Tourists possible. A Charter which summarizes the regulations of greatest interest for the consumer and other essential information, breaking it down in relation to the different aspects of a voyage. Confident that this work also represents the beginning of a path aimed at the permanent information of consumers, which we will continue to serve with great commitment, we hope that the Charter of Rights for Tourists will become a truly effective and useful instrument in the promotion of a growing awareness of tourists regarding their rights as users of tourist services.

Before leaving, travellers must familiarize with their destinations and must get all the necessary information about the country they are visiting and the possible formalities they need to carry out in order to enter it.

Operators are obliged to inform tourists about their rights and obligations. For information and assistance tourists can also apply to other tourist Associations, such as Pro Loco organizations, which promote tourism on a local level and provide free and accurate travel information to the public.

People with permanent or temporary disabilities who intend to visit the historical centres of municipalities can apply for temporary transit and parking permits at local Municipal Police stations. Help is provided in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian and, of course, Italian to provide an immediate and effective response to the different needs that may occur during a stay in our country.

It is an initiative provided by the Minister of Tourism. Italian citizens travelling abroad can voluntarily register their data in the website www.

The United Kingdom and Ireland have not joined the agreement. European citizens must always carry a valid passport or identity card with them, in case of security controls or for public order reasons. Non-EU citizens must present a valid passport at the border and a declaration of presence upon their arrival in Italy.

Depending on the country of origin a visa may be required to enter Italy. No visa is required for European citizens entering Italy. Italian citizens going abroad can apply to the competent police station in order to obtain information and to apply for a passport.

For identity cards, Italian citizens must apply to their municipality of residence. Before taking a trip abroad it is good to contact your Local Health District for information about any vaccinations needed when visiting your intended destination and to find out whether the health care provided by the Italian National Health Service is recognised in the country visited for urgent cases.

In EU countries, countries of the European Economic Area Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and in Switzerland, the EU health insurance card or the provisional replacement certificate entitles you to go straight to public hospitals or those covered by the arrangement to receive medically necessary services not just urgent ones under the same conditions as the people entitled to said service in the country in which you are located, in accordance with the principle of non-discrimination.

This principle implies that the inhabitants of the EU entitled to said services do not pay for the service only if the inhabitants of the host state do not pay. Be warned that abroad, unlike in Italy, services that do not require immediate payment by the person entitled thereto are more the exception than the rule. You must therefore be careful: France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium , based on an indirect type of health care first the service is paid for and then the money is reimbursed the health insurance funds , payment is required from EU citizens in possession of a European card.

In the case of a stay in countries outside the EU which are covered by the agreement, as not all of them provide tourists with free health care for emergency treatment, you should contact your ASL health authority office and, if appropriate, it will issue the certificate of entitlement. For more information visit the website of the Ministry of Health http: The EU and non-EU citizens but if entitled to assisted health care in EU countries travelling in Italy, with the required community certificate European Health Insurance Card or a provisional replacement certificate , may obtain services required directly, free of charge, except the payment of any fee ticket they are personally liable for, at a public hospital or a facility covered private agreement with the National Health Service.

Non-EU citizens coming from countries not covered by the agreement are provided with health services which must be paid for in accordance with the relative scale of charges. There are no quantitative limitations for what is purchased or carried within the EU for personal use. However, the following approximate limits have been introduced for certain products that must anyway be accompanied by the travellers: Furthermore, depending on other criteria such as the method of transport or the commercial business carried on by the holder, these goods may be considered purchased for business purposes, In this case their movement will be subject to administrative shipping documents.

For the categories of products listed below, the following quantities are allowed: No restrictions are applied as to value and quantity with regards to exports of goods carried by travellers leaving for a non-EU countries. However, since there might be restrictive dispositions established by the countries of destination, it is advisable to contact the relevant diplomatic delegations before departure.

Further information about animals, protected species, weapons, cultural goods and medicines canbeobtainedbyconsultingtheCustomsCharterforTravellers www. VAT refund or relief can be granted provided that: Currently, there are some tax free companies that can grant immediate VAT cash refunds when goods leave the Italian EU territory, without requiring the passenger to return the invoice to the seller.

This service involves the payment of a sum that is deducted by the companies from the amount of VAT refunded to foreign travellers. VAT refunds are never carried out by customs offices. For transfers by mail, the declaration must be submitted to Poste Italiane S. Not producing this declaration is tantamount to infringing the monetary rules and entails administrative sanctions imposed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Tour operators organizing collective or individual travel to foreign countries are obliged to insert a notice of the above mentioned jurisdiction in a prominent manner in their advertising material and in the documentation handed to travellers. Regulatory framework Presidential Decree No. Further types of accommodation can be defined by regional and autonomous province laws.

People with disabilities are entitled to access tourist services with due regard to the principles of non-discrimination, equal opportunity and participation in public life. However, it is advisable to gather information beforehand regarding the existence of possible structural and architectural barriers in the facilities to be visited, in order to ensure the full use and enjoyment of the offered services.

Such prices are transmitted by hotel management to the territorially competent Provincial Administration on a yearly basis. Since competence on such matters lies with regions, differences may be found the in quality standards adopted within the national territory.

When booking, it is always advisable to send a fax, a letter or an e-mail containing the duration of the stay, the agreed services and the applied rates as well as possible preferences, to be kept along with the booking confirmation, as proof of booking.

Further booking systems can be foreseen by regional and autonomous province laws. If the person who paid the deposit is in default, hoteliers withdraw from the contract and keep the down payment as a refund for the received damage.

Conversely, if the hotel is in default, the customer can withdraw from the contract and claim twice the amount of the deposit. Hotels are liable for the destruction, damaging or theft of the goods brought by customers in the hotel: Furthermore, hotels have unlimited liability for the goods that have been specifically left with them for safe custody or for the goods that they have refused to accept in spite of their obligation to do so.

This liability does not apply if the damages, destruction or theft are caused by the customer himself or by people in his company, or due to the nature of the good or to force majeure. According to the Civil Code, customers cannot benefit from such regulations in case of unjustified lateness in reporting the event to the hotel management. Regulatory framework Civil Code Art. It is advisable to keep in mind that some aspects of the accommodation contract are ruled by customs and traditions which stand as regulatory framework in the absence of specific laws.

The license is mandatory for the command of pleasure boats exceeding 24 metres in length. People with specific diseases see Annex 1, paragraph 2, Ministerial Decree n. For the command of pleasure boats flying the Italian flag by foreigners in Italian territorial waters see article 34, Ministerial Decree n. The lessor must supply the pleasure craft and the related accessories in perfect efficiency, complete with all safety equipment, supplied with the documentation necessary for navigation and covered by the foreseen insurance.

The charterer is obliged to supply the vessel in perfect efficiency, properly outfitted and equipped, complete with all the required safety equipment, supplied with the documentation necessary for navigation and covered by the foreseen insurance. In case of emergency, please call , a toll free service of the Italian Port Authority. Regulatory framework Legislative Decree, 18 July , n. The tourist is entitled to receive a copy of the contract signed and stamped by the travel agency.

The contract must include all the information required by law useful for the enjoyment of the tourist package, such as destination, duration, starting and closing date, personal data and insurance information of the organizer or seller, price of the package and procedure to be followed for its adjustment, possibility to accommodate people with disabilities, etc. The information contained in informative brochures are binding for the organizer and the seller in accordance with their respective responsibilities.

The assignor and the assignee are jointly and severally obliged towards the organizer or seller in the payment of any additional costs and fees deriving from the assignment. The adjustment is possible only as the result of changes in the cost of transportation, fuel, rights and of service taxation. However, the consumer must communicate his decision within two days from the receipt of the proposal.

In such cases, the tourist is entitled to compensation for any further damage deriving from the non-execution of the contract, except for cases where the cancellation of the package is due to the failure to reach the lowest number of required participants and where this has been notified in writing at least twenty days prior to departure or due to force majeure, with the exclusion of overbooking. The latter are also liable for the damages suffered by consumers due to the default of other service providers included in the package flight delays, loss of luggage, etc.

This right is prescribed one year after the return of the traveller to the place of departure. The organizer and the seller can also optionally insure themselves for the compensation of the expenses faced by tourists due to cancellation or repatriation for medical causes or accidents.

The details of the mandatory insurance coverage and of possible additional insurance agreed upon with the traveller are elements of the sales contract of tourist packages.

The Fund intervenes solely for tourist packages sold under contracts stipulated in Italy by travel agencies legally operating in accordance with Regional and Autonomous Province regulations. On the other hand, the Fund does not intervene in case of trips autonomously organized by travellers or sold by operators who do not possess regular authorization.

For further information please visit the following web site www. In the case of compensation for non-pecuniary damage see also the decisions of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation, United Sections, 26, and 26, of 11th November Time-sharing of real estate used for tourist accomodation 30 l INFORMATION Consumers asking for information on a real estate are entitled to receive an informative document containing precise details regarding the contract, the seller and the real estate itself. The contract must contain, among others, an explicit clause indicating that the purchase does not imply any additional expenses except for those established by the contract itself, and also an indication whether it is possible or not to participate in a system of exchange or sale of the right which is the subject of the contract.

In cases where the buyer is not informed of the above mentioned right, the term for withdrawal from the contract is extended to 90 days, without further expenses. Moreover, it is not possible to demand down-payments until the terms for the assertion of the right of withdrawal expire. With reference to the relation between tourism and cultural heritage, it is dutiful that all involved parties, tourists and service providers, ensure its integrity by enjoying it and behaving in an appropriate manner.

State institutes and places of culture e. Damaging, destruction, removal, etc. Not all cultural heritage can be traded or exported. For works which are less that 50 years old or that are done by living artists, the tourist must present self-certification which states that the cultural good is less than 50 years old or made by a living artist to the Export Office.

For works that are older than 50 years, if the seller has not done it himself, the tourist must take the cultural heritage purchased in Italy to the Export Office, in order to obtain a certificate of free circulation. The time required for the free circulation certificate to be released varies from a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 40 days. It is important to be aware that the free circulation certificate is not due and, therefore, can be denied if the Export Office deems the exportation a damage to the national cultural heritage.

For further information please visit www. The following is part of the essential information on the topic. The transportation contract is concluded at the moment of purchase of the ticket which can be both electronic and or in print. When the ticket is purchased online the passenger is entitled to receive a receipt containing the same information of a traditional fight ticket, from the airline.

Pecuniary compensation is calculated according to the route and distance travelled. In case of flight delay of 2, 3 or 4 hours, in relation with the route length, passengers are entitled to make two telephone calls or to send two messages via fax or email at the expense of the Airline, to receive meals and beverages or appropriate hotel accommodation, in cases where one or more overnight stays are required.

It is useful to keep in mind that the Court of Justice of the European Communities has established, with a ruling of 22 December , the principle according to which a technical. Claims must be presented or sent to the airline, in writing, or by filling in special forms called PIR Property Irregularity Reports - available at luggage assistance offices, airline offices or airport management - at the penalty of forfeiture, within 7 days from the date of delivery of the luggage or in case of delay within 21 days from the date of actual delivery.

The above mentioned containers must be inserted in a re-closable transparent plastic bag whose capacity does not exceed 1 litre or whose dimensions are of 18x20 cm circa.

Each passenger including infants will be allowed to carry only one bag of the above mentioned dimensions. Medicines or liquids prescribed for dietary purposes, such as baby food, can be carried outside the bag and are not subjected to volume limitations.

Not only water and beverages are considered liquids, but also syrups, creams, lotions, perfumes, sprays, gels and others. Denied booking or boarding of persons with disabilities or reduced mobility may occur only for safety reasons or due to the size of the aircraft or of its hatches, which render boarding and transportation impracticable. In such cases, the reasons of the denied booking or boarding must be immediately notified to the passenger and, when required, in writing within 5 working days from the request.

Airlines are required to make the safety regulations they apply as well as possible restrictions, available to the public. Passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility who are denied booking or boarding are entitled to receive reimbursement or to be given alternative flight options.

References to the law Court of Justice Fourth Chamber: Sanctions are always foreseen when this does not occur. With the exception of regional trains, tickets for Express, Intercity, Eurostar city, Eurostar Italia, Eurostar Italia AV trains, sleeping berths and cars are issued with seat reservations which are contextual to the issue of the tickets themselves.

All other tickets, even if purchased from automatic machines, must be stamped by inserting them in the special yellow stamping machines located in railway stations. Tickets can be purchased in the following ways: The purchase of train tickets entitles passengers to board trains.

When the delay is expected to be above 60 minutes, passengers can choose between the following options: Compensation is allowed in the form of a bonus for the purchase of another ticket within twelve months or, upon request, in money. The form can be hand delivered or sent through regular mail.

When the right to receive the bonus compensation is due, the passenger will be entitled to request, at ticket offices and travel agencies, the issue of a bonus coupon to be used within.

Tickets issued on the basis of special offers or on the basis of specific regulations are not reimbursable or cannot be reimbursed after the departure date i.

Blind or highly disabled persons, who receive escort allowances, are entitled to receive special price reductions.

In case of cancellation for reasons not imputable to the carrier, the contract is cancelled and the carrier must return the received amount.

In cases of departure cancellation or changes of route, passengers have the right to travel with a ship that departs subsequently, if possible, or to rescind the contract. In both cases passengers can claim compensation for damages. Ifthecancellationorthechangesofroutetakeplaceduetojustifiablereason,reimbursement cannot be more than twice the amount paid.

On the contrary, if the reason is attributable to the passenger, the passenger himself must pay the net price of the remaining part of the trip. The carrier is also liable for loss or damages to registered closed luggage, unless it can prove that the event derived from a cause not attributable to him.

Regulatory framework Code of Navigation art. Road transportation, driving and road signs 50 Regulations regarding road circulation, the classification of vehicles, their use including rentals with drivers and public transportation services and registration are contained in the new Highway Code which can be viewed at the website www. Parking a motorhome, if allowed, is not considered camping, tenting or similar, provided the vehicle rests on its wheels, that the outflow it produces is only the one coming from its engine and that the space it takes up on the roadbed does not exceed that of its footprint.

Driving in nonEU countries, that may have bilateral agreements or may have joined the Convention of Vienna or the Convention of Geneva , requires to possess the translation of the driving license, or an international driving license, which must be produced along with a valid national driving licence.

For further information please visit the website www. In this case, it will be necessary to convert the possessed licence, if there are bilateral reciprocal agreements in force on the matter, or to obtain a new licence by following the procedure foreseen by Italian legislation. These signs have a brown background and white frames and letters. Hotel direction signs, have a white background and indicate tourist and hotel information offices, the number, category and denomination of hotels and itineraries.

When similar events occur, tourists should refer to the local Municipal Police, or to other Public Security Authorities, or seek the assistance of Consumer Associations. If the given explanations are not satisfactory, it is possible to proceed in order to assert ones rights, keeping in mind that it is important to collect and conserve all the required documentation and the evidence aimed at supporting the claim photographs, signed statements of other tourists, receipts of faced expenses, etc.

When a case of inefficiency regards more than one person, collective claims can be brought forth. The related information is indicated in the specific section.

During the procedure of conciliation, a conciliator, a third impartial party, is chosen by the parties in order to help them reach a solution which is acceptable to both.

Arbitration is a process of resolution through which it is possible to solve trade problems. A neutral third party issues a final decision considered legally enforceable. These procedures are particularly convenient alternative ways to resolve disputes, given their rather short duration and reduced costs.

Since , has become the sole common emergency number for all European Union Member States, suited to respond to the needs of strangers in the Italian territory with the ability to answer in foreign languages. Please visit the website www. The cooperation of callers is necessary in order to favour effective and prompt interventions.

Callers must supply the operator with a calm description regarding the nature and gravity of the accident, indicate the address and the place where the event is occurring and indicate possible road deterioration or difficulties to access the area. Tourists can call this number to request the intervention of a patrol, or to obtain information regarding the services offered by the Corps.

Otherwise, the necessary information is acquired and the person who reported the fact is invited to reach the nearest detachment for the necessary formalization. However, reports regarding other sectors of competence of the Guardia di Finanza, i. When this number is dialled, the call is directed to the nearest Operations Centre, where qualified personnel answer the call.

The Operations Centre also manages and coordinates helicopter and alpine rescue services in the sphere of its territorial competence. The service provides updated information regarding traffic and road conditions in Italy. Maritime safety information and rules to prevent accidents can be viewed on the website www.

This service, active Monday through Friday, from 9. The number also accepts complaints regarding the services it covers. For those calling from abroad the number 06 is available.

In addition to telephone lines an online tourist assistance service is available at http: Detailed information about the service is to be found on page La codificazione da un metodo dovzhenko da alcool medicine per trattamento di una sindrome di astinenza in condizioni di casa, mezzi della codificazione da alcool laiuto a persone lalcolismo di sofferenza.

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