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I pericoli dell'alcol a 22 programmi di trattamento, con un periodo di tratta- nori sulla gravit`a del consumo di alcol e dei ad esso prob- lemi correlati. La valutazione alla riabilitazione; stabilendo le misure efficaci per ridurre gli effetti rapporto con le droghe illecite nel trattamento dei tossicodipendenti I pazienti con comorbidit`a psichi-. la codificazione in uno stato alcolico.

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Ospedali per trattamento di alcolizzati Programma Narconon: riabilitazione dalla Droga e la sua prevenzione nori sulla gravità del consumo di alcol e dei ad esso prob- lemi correlati. della dipendenza e alla riabilitazione; stabilendo le misure efficaci per ridurre a 22 programmi di trattamento, con un periodo di tratta- . rapporto con le droghe illecite nel trattamento dei tossicodipendenti I pazienti con comorbidità psichi-..

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During a quarter of century based on this strategy and the National Security Concept and Defense Doctrine, as well as taking into account the real assessment of peculiarities of the possible theater of war and advanced foreign experience we have formed a compact, mobile and well-equipped national army with a high combat spirit. In the short span of time we have formed the military districts, border regions, as well as the mission capable contingents of troops, in the first instance, the Interior Troops Corps and Special Operation Forces able to tackle the complex combat tasks.

The effective system of military management, the mechanism of coordination and interaction of various types of troops and branches of Armed Forces is functioning. The system of training, retraining and raising of qualification of military cadres acquired a principally new basis.

In the early years of Independence the national officer cadres made up just 0. As a result of the accomplished work, three more military educational institutions were created and the education of cadets has been made multidisciplinary. The Academy of Armed Forces established in took a special place in addressing the most important tasks in terms of training the higher command level officers, conducting the science research and development in the sphere of defense.

A significant attention was also paid to forming the sergeant corps as a basis of our army. Their training is conducted on 26 directions and specialties at the sergeant schools established in on the best world standards.

After gaining Independence a significant work was also accomplished in the sphere of reforming the system of calling up citizens for active military service. As a result, we have been able to cardinally change the attitude of society to the army.

Thus, in the early years of establishment of the national army there were the serious problems in terms of filling up its ranks with conscripts. It was required to overcome and eliminate the vestiges of the army of the old regime — the non-statutory relations which brought about extremely unhealthy moral and psychological situation in the military units.

In order to tackle these issues, for several years we carried out a consistent work on eliminating these negative phenomena. The term of active military service was reduced to one year. The social and communal conditions and food ratio of servicemen was radically improved.

The system of benefits was introduced to the discharged servicemen in their employment and applying to higher educational institutions. All of this has encouraged a healthy moral atmosphere in the military units and raising the prestige of service in the army among youth. The creation of the system for citizens to serve in the mobilization conscription reserve — the unique of its kind — became a logical continuation of these reforms.

The young men not only go through necessary military training, receive spiritual and physical upbringing, but also raise their civic responsibility and get imbibed with an in-depth comprehension of their military duty as a defender of Homeland. Today, we can speak with confidence that mothers see off their sons to the army not with tears in their eyes and not with alarm in their hearts, but with a feeling of pride and confidence in their formation as real and reliable defenders of Motherland.

As the national army develops, we have also been implementing the measures in terms of supplying it with armament and hardware. The troops are receiving the latest and modernized infantry and group armament, helicopters, aircraft, air defense systems, motorized and armored vehicles, and communication tools. A special attention is being paid to social protection of servicemen and members of their families, establishing the modern social and communal conditions at the military towns.

The set of programs in this sphere are being realized to provide the families of more than 15 thousand servicemen with housing. The systemic work in this direction will be continued. During the years of Independence the effective mechanism of civil control over the Armed Forces has been elaborated. It provides for an transparency of their activity, broad involvement of civil institutions and public organizations to drafting and realization of the policy of military construction, upbringing servicemen and conscripts.

The defense committees of both chambers of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the Public Council at the Ministry of Defense established in actively interact with the Armed Forces.

All of the aforementioned serves to such an important goal as uniting our army with the people and the people — with the national army.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express a deep gratitude to all servicemen and compatriots who have made a commendable contribution with their diligent labor to the noble cause of creating the Armed Forces and consolidating their combat strength. The rapidly changing military and political situation in the region and the world, growing threats and challenges to our security, and finally, the life itself require us not to stop with what we have achieved. Based on deep and critical analysis of all our achievements and mistakes it is important to continue the well thought-out and consistent efforts in terms of further development and improvement of our national army.

First, raising efficiency of legislative regulation of such an important sphere as the national security is among our priorities. We objectively need to form a clear state system of strategic planning to ensure the national security. The National Security Concept, which is regularly renewed as and when necessary, must take a central place in this system. Along with this, it is necessary to firmly maintain a guideline to preserve the sovereignty and independence of Homeland, as well as cultural and civilization identity of our people.

In this regard, it will be appropriate to declare once again that commitment to the course of non-alignment to any military and political blocs, prevention of stationing of foreign military bases and facilities in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and non-participation of servicemen in peacemaking operations abroad remains the principle position of our country.

Taking into account the dynamics of development of the situation in the world and the region, the need to adequately react to emerging threats and challenges, as well as our priorities and capacities, there is a need to revise the Defense Doctrine of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Only such a systemic approach will allow us to develop a unified, coordinated and consistent strategy in the sphere of national security, direct available resources and means to achievement of priority objectives, prevent their scattering and distraction to secondary tasks. Second, the system of organizational structure of the Armed Forces needs to be further improved. Based on the experience of development of military capability accumulated by us, the structure and tasks of each military district need to be clarified paying a special attention to its purpose, specifics of the use of troops and the peculiarities of line of operations.

Their organizational structure, command and control system need to be improved in the short period of time along with implementation of the set of measures in terms of supplying them with modern equipment and armament. Third, we need to develop a new approach to planning the training of troops , which primarily must correspond to the tasks assigned to the units, the level of their preparedness and availability of equipment.

In the final outcome, the major criterion for us in this work must be the practical outcome, focus on the real increase of combat capabilities and combat-readiness of the Armed Forces, as well as the high level of coordination and effective interaction.

Fourth, improvement of the system of training of professional military cadres of all levels must remain in the focus of our attention.

In this regard, our first step will be establishment of a brand-new Armed Forces Academy. The Academy will take a truly major place in the unified system of military education and become a real center of military science. It will continue training lieutenants, retraining the active-duty officers and provide special training to commanding cadres of our army. In the course of implementation of this task, we must introduce the latest methods and technologies to the education process, provide classrooms with modern simulators, teaching, laboratory and computer equipment, create favorable conditions for raising the awareness of attendees, their leisure and engaging in sports.

Meanwhile, the requirements to the selection of candidates should be raised to identify the worthy young men capable to study at a military school and who possess high intellect and leadership skills. With this purpose, the two or three colleges and lyceums must be defined in each region which along with their main functions will provide an in-depth training of candidates for enrollment at higher military educational institutions.

Besides, it is expedient to use more broadly the opportunities for training the teaching personnel of all our military schools, including at the leading foreign educational institutions. Fifth, re-supplying of troops with modern types of armament and military equipment is our crucial task for today and the future. Unfortunately, this issue is not being implemented at a required pace.

In this regard, as a primary task we must develop the Comprehensive program for which envisages specific activities on procurement of military goods, repair and modernization of available military equipment ensuring their purposeful financing. I believe that it is a high time to start creating our own military industry. In this regard, we need to explore the issue of establishment under the supervision of the First Deputy Prime Minister A.

In the future, along with raising the efficiency of their activity, we need to focus on establishing the scientific-production basis, service centers and joint ventures, as well as localization of production of specific types of military goods at the leading enterprises of the country. Sixth, we need to concentrate on raising the efficiency of measures on social protection of servicemen.

Today, we have come across with an objective necessity to develop the new mechanisms of implementation of the state programs in this sphere. The new system of allocation of long-term soft mortgage loans for construction of individual housing, which has positively recommended itself, should be more broadly introduced into the system of providing servicemen with housing. This year alone, in all regions of the country, we will start the construction of 56 three-storied apartment buildings for the families of servicemen with allocation of soft mortgage loans.

Seventh, the continuous work on patriotic upbringing of our youth is urgently significant for us. It is an open secret that patriotism is a moral basis of sustainability of any state and stands as an important mobilizing resource for comprehensive development of society. Therefore indeed, we must take specific steps to nurture a firm immunity among our citizens against negative impact of alien ideas and strengthen the feeling of responsibility for the fate of Motherland. Young people, who have passed the army school of courage, steadfastness and stalwart devotion to Motherland, may become a reliable buttress in this challenging work.

In this regard, the departments and divisions for defense affairs must maintain continuous links with them. It is important to broaden their authorities in this work and interaction with local state authorities. Another step would be the establishment under the supervision of the Prime Minister A.

Aripov of the Republican commission for employment of citizens, who served in the military and mobile conscription reserve, as well as the relevant commissions under regional, municipal and district administrations directly headed by governors and mayors.

Taking into account the successes achieved by the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense in the issues of patriotic upbringing of youth, its capacities should be broadened by establishment of regional subdivisions of the Council in the structure of regional administrations, whose work must be organized in close interaction with the command of military districts. The persistent and planned implementation of all aforementioned tasks requires from us the full mobilization of capacities to continue and deepen the systemic work in terms of further reforming the national army, increasing its potential and combat capability.

Therefore indeed, this direction, along with other spheres of socio-political life of our country, will go into the Strategy of Actions of Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for which is now being developed.

In accordance with this most important document, a set of specific measures will be adopted and implemented aimed at improvement of the legal framework in the sphere of defense, raising the efficiency of organizational forming-up, operational strength of contingents of troops, systems of manning and training of military cadres, supplying the troops with modern types of armament and hardware, as well as improving the issues of their comprehensive support.

In this festive day, I would like to express the words of sincere gratitude to mothers and fathers of those, who are serving with dedication in the Armed Forces and commendably fulfilling their honorable, noble and responsible duty on the protection of Motherland! I congratulate you once again, my dear compatriots, your loved ones on the Day of Defenders of Homeland and the 25 th Anniversary of establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan! I wish all of you a sound health, many successes in your service, happiness and well-being, strength and energy in serving Motherland!

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan,. Hurmatli askar va serjantlar, ofitser va generallar, Qurolli Kuchlarimiz faxriylari! Shu kunlarda butun xalqimiz mamlakatimiz hayotidagi buyuk tarixiy sanani bayram qilmoqda.

Eng mushkul muammo — malakali harbiy kadrlar yetishmasdi. Bugungi kunda harbiy boshqaruvning samarali tizimi shakllantirildi. Chunki, yurtimiz yoshlari asosan qurilish batalonlariga qora ishchi sifatida yuborilardi. Shu maqsadda bir necha yillar davomida izchil ish olib borildi. Shu maqsadda kompleks dasturlar amalga oshirilmoqda.

Shu borada Bosh vazir A. Aziz va muhtaram yurtdoshlar! Уважаемые солдаты и сержанты, офицеры и генералы, ветераны Вооруженных Сил! В эти дни весь народ Узбекистана празднует великую историческую дату в жизни нашей страны — летие образования Вооруженных Сил Республики Узбекистан и День защитников Родины!

Искренне, от всей души поздравляю вас, посвятивших себя самому великому и благородному делу защиты Отечества патриотов, и всех соотечественников с этой знаменательной датой! Все, что было достигнуто нами за прошедшие 25 лет на пути построения наших Вооруженных Сил, неразрывно связано с его именем. В первые дни независимости Узбекистана, благодаря занятой Исламом Абдуганиевичем принципиальной позиции и проявленной им политической воле, 14 января года все воинские формирования, дислоцированные на территории нашей страны, были взяты под юрисдикцию Республики Узбекистан.

Именно эта дата стала отправной точкой формирования национальной армии Узбекистана и вписана золотыми буквами в летопись истории нашей независимости. И сегодня все мы видим, что наши Вооруженные Силы полностью оправдывают это высокое доверие. Другими словами, у нас сегодня есть все основания заявить, что за исторически короткий период мы создали национальную армию, способную надежно защитить независимость и территориальную целостность нашей страны, обеспечить неприкосновенность ее границ, мирную жизнь нашего народа.

В нелегких условиях становления нашего государства, когда практически на всем постсоветском пространстве происходили различные вооруженные конфликты и противостояния, Вооруженные Силы Узбекистана стали надежным гарантом независимости нашей Родины, спокойной жизни народа и его благополучия, а также успешной реализации демократических реформ.

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Anemia da carenza di ferro; Prof. Daniele Alberti; Gennaro Catapano. Cuore e presione; Prof. Diabete di tipo 2; Prof. Potere terapeutico della moda: Luca Malvezzi, specialista in otorinolaringoiatria e chirurgia cervico-facciale, Istituto Clinico Humanitas di Milano. Nickel e mucosite allergica da contatto: Oncologia pediatrica e sport: Testimonianza di Rodolfo Badini: Giancarlo Maria Liumbruno; Prof.

Alberto Pelai; Sergio Cortassa. Amici a 4 zampe in casa: Marco Melosi, presidente Ass. Per " Life Informa": Diabete di tipo 1: Sovraffollamento nele strutture di emergenza: Andrea Lenzi, coordinatore del Campo Salute Onlus.

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Contenitori per conservare gli alimenti: Umberto Longoni, autore de "I 7 passi della corsa". Memoria a breve e a lungo termine: Comunicare con le mani: La previsione del futuro: Giovanni Larciprete, ginecologo del Fatebenefratelli-Isola Tiberina. Francesco Spinelli, Responsabile U. Depressione, il male oscuro: Come orientarsi sulla salute sul web: Roberto Di Rubbio; Fulvio Pierangelini. Paolo Nucci; Per "Life Informa: Stefania De Mitri; Dott.

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Giovanni di Dio, Firenze. I progressi della ricerca scientifica in campo ematologico: Giovanni Vitali Rosati; dott. Leonardo Celleno; Maria Luisa Missiaggia. Ora legale ed effetti sulla salute: Progetto sulla salute dei migranti. Settimana Nazionale per la Prevenzione Oncologica: Marco Alloisio, Humanitas University e Lega italiana per la lotta contro i tumori. INMP, progetto europeo care sulla salute dei migranti.

Pierluigi Innocenti, per Life Informa: Laura Bosetti Tonatto; Giada Briziareli. Paola Fiorani e Stefano Lagona. Filippo Cruciani; per la settimana del cervello: Stefano Magno; Daniel Lumera. Donne, scienza e pregiudizi: Luciano Atzori; Per Life informa:

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Dipendenza da alcol: l’esperienza di un utente in riabilitazione nella comunità di recupero di Cozzo Un vademecum per la salute e il benessere con un occhio particolare alle tematiche più diffuse tra i giovani: anoressia-bulimia, alcolismo, tossicodipendenze. Raccontano di straordinari interventi chirurgici, importanti scoperte, giornate .. La fiducia, Scarica il programma, 20/1/, Бесплатно, Просмотреть в iTunes. Delirium tremens di YouTube.

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